Lehakoe Investments views community-based leadership programs, such as Miss and Teen Miss Ekhuruleni, as a way to build skills and support the development of emerging leaders through a series of seminars, workshops and other local project initiatives to be executed by the contestants. The program seeks individuals who want to improve their personal lives and their communities, as well as give a platform for the contestants and the causes close to their hearts.

Every aspect of the program supports the ideals and attributes of today’s modern woman – a woman who is a beacon of elegance and grace and leads a life committed to excellence.

Miss and Teen Miss Ekurhuleni South Africa is a national leadership program and will take place annually.  Successful candidates will undergo personal interviews to establish who has the qualities to continue the journey to become an ambassador and public relations representative for Ekurhuleni.

Finalists will be chosen from the interviews to continue the journey to become an ambassador and to participate in the gala event. The finalists will take part in workshops and seminars that will afford them the tools to help propel them to success regardless of whether or not they win the overall title.

Our main focus is our commitment to the empowerment of women and to encourage positive self-awareness – teaching young women to fall madly in love with themselves and to make integrity based decisions.

Miss and Teen Miss Ekurhuleni will have to fulfil specific duties within their year of reign for the sponsors and partners, Lehakoe Investments as well as the City of Ekurhuleni. This includes, attending events, making guest appearances, promotions, motivational speaker, charity work and more.